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Women in every culture and field have spent countless hours working towards gender equality. Chess is just one area that levels the playing arena for all comers. Now you can be a part of each success, as generations of bias and stereotype fall away. Join our cause today!!

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Purposeful Moves,
Determined Minds!

Chess pits mind versus mind. It's not a sport bent on physical force. The taller, more muscular player has no objective advantage in moving the pieces and pawns any better than a mentally sharp opponent!

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Pioneers and Trailblazers

Many pioneers have struck into the clouds past the ceilings imposed on them by gender stereotypes. Vera Menchik, Pia Cramling, Judit Polgar and Hou Yi Fan (pictured above among the best in the world) blazed the trail for all girls from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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Anywhere - Anytime

Special conditions are not required, chess players can be engaged anywhere. The best of the best can maintain focus and contentration for hours on end to achieve their goal. It is this characteristic that allows those who play chess well to be the greatest candidates for any job!